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Museum Objects

E60/3 Fire Guard Armlet
E60/4 ARP
E67/45 Civil Defence
E67/46 ARP
E67/47 Defence League [or WW1?]
E70/101 WW2 Badge
E72/112-5 Ships Crests
E74/123 Ships Crests
E76/148 War Worker's Medal [or WW1?]
E78/172 WW2 Food Packets [??]
E78/175 ARP blackboard
E79/9 ARP [number?]
E80/212 Baby's Gas Mask
E80/214 St John's Ambulance WW2
E84/252 Holy Trinity war memorial [??WW1??]
E85/267 ARP blck tin box
E86/286-7 Gas masks
E86/288 Gas masks
E86/289 2 Helmets
E87/302 Skimmed Milk Tin]E87/305 Black Gas light [ARP?]
E87/332 Parachute Silk
E87/339 Parachute Cotton
E89/351 ARP

Tafani Paintings
Paintings by Emilio C.L. Tafani made when he was stationed at Sydenham School on air warden duty
Your Paintings website

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