Woodham, Henry and Sons Ltd

Henry Woodham and Sons Ltd
Sangley Road, [1910- 1922 between 119 and 141]
Catford, SE 6
Public Works Contractors
<1903 - 1963 [no 1964 directory but not on the 1965]

Bredgar and Woshill Railway have a steam roller bought new by Henry Woodham & Sons Ltd in 1922. It has a brass plaque "Henry Woodham & Sons Ltd, Contractors, Catford SE6." It was used on road repairs until the 1950s. In 1978 it was preserved and aquired by the Bredgar and Woshill Railway in 1988. It is operational and used on open days.

Henry Woodham 132 Brownhill Road [1903 Directory]
Henry Woodham 102 Brownhill Road [1912 Directory]

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