Two Willows Walks, Sydenham and Catford

Two Willow Walks,
One at Sydenham is still called that.
The one at Catford became Milford Road (not Holbeach Road,). Milford Road was extinguished when the Catford Shopping Centre was built. The entrance to the Centre from Rushey Green now follows its line.

There was a Willow Square (of four houses only) off the Sydenham Willow Walk, but no Willow Square, or anything looking like a square, off the Catford Willow Walk.

The London Metropolitan Archives has a photograph of the Sydenham Willow Square, but as I think it had been re-numbered as part of Willow Walk by then (the 1950s).

On the census returns include Willow Square, Sydenham, in 1871 and 1891, with four houses are listed.
Willow Grove was in Mill Road, facing the pond of the Lewisham Bridge Mill. There is a picture showing some nearby houses in Mill Road (opposite the mill) just before they were demolished. It gives some idea of the style of Willow Grove.

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