Teacher information

Teachers and tutors are very welcome to call at the Local History and Archives Centre to see what sources we have which will be useful to them or their students.

It is helpful if teachers and tutors can discuss projects with us before they are set, so that we can advise what relevant sources we have, and what may be available elsewhere. It also helps us to know exactly what project has been set (it is very difficult to help the child who asks for information on 'Lewisham in the olden days').

Readers coming in to use local studies material are advised to make an appointment, particularly to use microfilm, or on Saturdays. It is especially helpful for students to make an appointment if several are coming in together, as this places a heavy demand on staff time.

Please advise students to bring paper for making notes, and also a pencil. Pens may not be used for making notes in the Local History Archives Centre.

We can give talks to school classes on their local area, using slides and with maps and other material available for the students to look at. Such talks must be planned in conjunction with the teacher, and at least a fortnight's notice is required. These talks take place in the meeting room at Lewisham library.

The meeting room can also be used by groups of students (not more than 20), working on local history materials. Again, the visit must be planned well in advance.

We have a wide range of local history publications which can be bought at the centre or by post.

Detailed catalogues and indexes of our holdings are available at the centre, and staff will gladly advise you. We have bibliographies on black history and World War II in the borough.

We do not lend items from our collections, but photocopies can nearly always be made.

Examples of material relevant to Key Stage 2

Examples of material relevant to Key Stage 3

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