Taxation and tithe records

Hearth and land tax records
The hearth tax was paid on the number of hearths/fireplaces in each house - a means of ensuring that the rich paid more. Land tax was paid according to the value of the property occupied; however, it was possible to pay a lump sum to pay off all future land tax, therefore not all properties appear in the lists. These are photocopies of the original records:

  • Hearth Tax returns for Deptford, Lee and Lewisham, 1664
  • Land Tax assessments for Deptford, Lee and Lewisham, 1726-1832 (gaps).

Tithe records
Tithe was a tax on agricultural land originally paid to the Church of England. In 1836 an Act of Parliament decreed that all land subject to tithe should be surveyed, in order to determine the amount to be paid on each piece of land. Maps were made, with schedules showing the owners and occupiers of the land. The copy maps and schedules for Lee (1839), Lewisham (1843) and Deptford (1844) can be consulted at the Centre.

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