J Stone

The Stone company, which was based in Deptford, came into being with the above name in 1904, when the founder, Josiah Stone, died. The former company (Josiah Stone) existed since 1831. It was a manufacturing business, concerned with building, repairing and selling a variety of mechanical goods, in particular, railway equipment, such as train lighting, and for maritime uses, especially propellers. It also made parts and fittings for machinery. It sold to both domestic and foreign markets. It changed its name to Stone-Platt Crawley Ltd. The archive is now property of Stone U.K. Ltd. This archive's contents mainly relate to the period in the company's history of 1904-1968, though there are a few deeds, patents and product catalogues dating back to the nineteenth century. There are also bundles of correspondence relating to the Stone family in the middle of that century.

Archives A/69/10 49 Boxes
Please note: Some of these items are closed for 50/100 years. Check with Local History and Archives Centre as to items available on open access and accessible.

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