Slavery in Lewisham timeline - 1740 - 1779

28th February 1742
'Michael Quorey, a negro, per Towne' buried at St Nicholas, Deptford

11th August 1742
'William son of a negro from Mr Frere’ was baptised’ at St Mary’s Lewisham

11th December 1746
'John Leeds a Black of Mr Kirk Patrick’s at Sydenham, aged 19 years was baptised’ at St Mary's, Lewisham

24th March 1750
James Purcell, a black servant to Mr Purcell at Boydes at Lewisham, aged about 32 years’ baptised at St Mary's Lewisham

Seven Years War - Britain gains Dominica, Grenada, St Vincent and Tobago


James Purcell [c. 1716 – 8 July 1759] dies he was governor of the Virgin Islands [1750 – 1751], there was a memorial to him in St Mary’s church, Lewisham

18th October 1759
'Peter, a negro' buried at St Nicholas, Deptford

10th December 1762
Olaudah Equiano lands at Deptford aboard The Preston, where his master resells him

17th July 1771
' Thomas Lee' the Indian Black servant of Governor Verelst was baptised’ at St Margaret's, Lee.

24th December 1771
'Wash Roberts, a black' buried at St Nicholas, Deptford

December 1772
'On Saturday a captain at Deptford beat his negro boy in so cruel a manner, that he died yesterday by the bruises he received. The captain has absconded'

America declares independence and the USA is formed

13th May 1778
George Miller 'an Indian of Bencoolin, (aged 14 years) Red House Wharf', baptised at St Paul's, Deptford

Joseph Innes [c. 1745 – 7 September 1779] dies in Jamaica on public duty; there was a memorial to him at St Mary’s church, Lewisham

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