Records of institutions


  • Royal Naval School, A99/16 records of school, including pupil records 1831-1910; records of Scholarship Fund 1910-1965.
  • Addey, Addey And Stanhope:see charities below.
  • Blackheath Proprietary School A60/56 annual reports, minutes, accounts, registers of pupils, school magazine and other records 1831-1923.
  • Old Blackheathen Club and Golf Club records 1893-1922.
  • Congregational School For The Sons Of Ministers, A58/3 Lewisham annual reports 1842-1877 (gaps).
  • Lee National School St. Margaret’s, Lee A78/18
  • records, including registers, 1837-1950.
  • Northbrook Church Of England School A60/69,
  • log books, admission registers and other records, 1877-1958 A62/28.
  • Prendergast Grammar School A67/17
  • annual reports, charity papers and accounts, 1890-1909 (Prendergast School archives are on closed access. Anyone wishing to consult these documents should contact the depositor to seek their permission.)
  • St Dunstan’s College A81/66 minutes, accounts and other records, 1705-1977.
  • Dean Stanhope’s School, see charities below.
  • Forest Hill Boys’, see charities below.
  • Girls’ Industrial Homes, see charities below.


  • Addey And Stanhope Foundation, Deptford A98/28 (Addey and Stanhope School, incorporated earlier charities). Trustees records 1899-1964.
  • John Addey’s Charity, Deptford A98/28
  • trustees and property records, 1579-1892. Later Addey and Stanhope Foundation.
  • Deptford Pension Society A84/31
  • records, 1893-1976.
  • Forest Hill And Sydenham Charitable Association A61/2 Records, c1936-c1960.
  • Royal Naval School, New Cross
  • records, including registers, 1833-1910.
  • Lee charities under parish A78/18.


  • Forest Hill Boys’ And Girls’ Industrial Homes A58/4 annual reports, minutes, accounts 1873-1943.
  • Mr Gasker’s Charity, Deptford A98/28 trustees records, 1805-1872. Later Addey and Stanhope Foundation.
  • Gravel Pits Estate, Deptford 198/28
  • trustees and property records, 1659-1900. Later Addey and Stanhope Foundation.
  • Lewisham Family Welfare Association C2 records, c1870-1971.
  • Dean Stanhope’s Charity School, Deptford A98/28 trustees and school records, 1715-1882. Later Addey and Stanhope Foundation.
  • Mrs Wiseman’s Charity, Deptford A98/28
  • cashbook, 1837-1967. Later Addey and Stanhope Foundation (relevant records held elsewhere).
  • Metropolitan Public Gardens Association, 1885-1914. Records at Guildhall Library.
  • Sydenham Rifle Corps A58/6 records, 1858-1870.

Manorial records

  • Lewisham Manor A73/1 jury and court books, 1808-1925 records of military and armed bodies.
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