Records of clubs and societies
  • Bellingham Bowling Club S/1 records, 1911-1987
  • Catford Cycling Club S/2 Records, 1886-1990
  • Catford Southend Residents’ Association A98/8 records, 1951-1997
  • Company Of Crown Players A96/9 records, 1939-1974 Festival Players A63/2 records, 1946-1952
  • Grove Park Community Group A79/6,10, records, 1972-1983 A85/12
  • King Alfred’s Own Scout Group A73/7 log books, minutes and other records 1926-1940
  • Lewisham Local History Society A93/8 records, 1961-1996 A93/14 A96/14
  • Lewisham Residents' Association A79/14 records, 1947-1965
  • Lewisham Society A76/3 minutes and other records, 1969-1975
  • Old Askean Association S/3 records,1879-1990
  • Old Blackheathen Club And Golf Club A60/56 records 1893-1922
  • Old Brockleian Society A88/25 records, 1919-1981
  • Tenth Lewisham Scout Group A89/94 records, 1939-1989.
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