Railways of Lewisham
1836 London & Greenwich Railway opened, from Spa Road, Bermondsey to Deptford Station [1st Station in London 8th Feb.]. Railway built on old Croydon Canal, which led to development of Brockley.
1839 The London and Croydon Railway Company buys canal and opened 1st station at New Cross (named New Cross Gate 1923), Forest Hill [Dartmouth Arms], Sydenham Stations [Also South Coast railways] [5 June]
1845/8 The London and Croydon Railway Company experimented with a new form of power. Trains from London Bridge to Epsom were pulled along by vacuum power - it was called the Atmospheric Railway. The principle was good but the materials of the time were not adequate for it - the valves on the tubes were leather and were eaten by rats. The experiment was abandoned after just over a year. 4 steam pumping engines at Dartmouth Arms (Forest Hill) station.
1849 The first railway through Lewisham, the North Kent line to Dartford, opened Lewisham Station [South Eastern Railway, Blackheath Station [North Kent, South Eastern and Chatham Railways] and Blackheath Hill Station [Closed 1 Jan 1917][London, Chatham and Dover Railway] Opened 30 July.
1850 New Cross Station opened October [South Eastern Railway]
1857 The Mid Kent railway line was built Catford Bridge, Lower Sydenham and Ladywell Stations opened, [South Eastern Railway or Mid Kent line] 1 Jan.
1863 London Underground opens.
1863 Sydenham Hill Station (London, Chatham and Dover Railway) 1 August. Alexandra Hall, Blackheath opened (now Lloyds Bank).
1865 Honor Oak Station (Crystal Palace and South London Railway) Opened 1 December [Closed 20 September 1954]. Hatcham had a population of 17,168. New Cross Toll Gate removed.
1866 Lee (for Burnt Ash) Station opened [South Eastern Railway] 1 September.
1871 Brockley Station (London, Brighton and South Coast Railway) 6 March, Lewisham Road Station [London, Chatham and Dover Railway] 18 September (Closed 1 Jan 1917) and Grove Park station opened
1873 St John’s Station [South Eastern Railway] opened 1 June.
1883 First electric railway
1884 Upper Sydenham Station Opened [London, Chatham and Dover Railway] 1 August [closed 29 September 1954
1886 Honor Oak Park Station (London, Brighton and South Coast Railway) opened 1 April.
1892 Railway extended to Southend. Catford Station and Bellingham Station (Shortlands and Nunhead Railway) Opened 1 July.
1896 Archibald C Corbett began building at Catford and Hither Green, now called the Corbett estate. He persuaded the railway company to build a booking hall on the east side of Hither Green Station, for the benefit of his residents, and negotiated reduced-rate season tickets for them.
1917 Blackheath Hill Station and Lewisham Road Station closed 1 Jan 1917 (London, Chatham and Dover Railway)
1923 The Croydon Line station was renamed New Cross Gate as Confusingly, both stations were called New Cross.
1925 Trains started at Grove Park.
1926 The railway to central London was electrified, making the journey to central London faster and therefore encouraging commuters to live in Grove Park.
1954 Honor Oak Station [Crystal Palace and South London Railway] and Upper Sydenham Station [London, Chatham and Dover Railway] Closed 20 September.
1957 Railway disaster at St John’s kills 94, many from Downham.
1967 5 November, an express train from Hastings to Charing Cross derailed between Grove Park and Hither Green station, close to where the railway crosses St. Mildred's Road. 49 passengers were killed.
1999 Light Railway stations opened at Lewisham and Deptford Broadway connecting to Docklands, East London and Lewisham.
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