Political parties and associations
  • East Lewisham Labour Party A94/8 records, 1945-1984
  • West Lewisham Labour Party A89/100 records, 1925-1971
  • East Lewisham Liberal Association A77/1,3, records, 1919-1988 (gaps) A79/10, A82/5, A87/2, A88/14, A90/5
  • North Lewisham Liberal Association A76/5, records, 1950-1973 A77/1, 3
  • South Lewisham Liberal Association A77/3 records, 1966-1971
  • West Lewisham Liberal Association A77/3 Records, 1959-1976

Liberal archives are closed for 30 years from their most recent date. However, anyone wishing to consult these documents, may contact the depositor to seek their permission.

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