Verelst, Governor Harry

(born 11 February 1734 – died 24 October 1785)

Local connection
Thomas Lee, baptised at St Margaret's, Lee 17 July 1771, was his servant and so may have served him during his time with the East India Company.

Verelst served with the East India Company in Bengal between 1749 and 1769. He was taken prisoner at Siraj ud-Daulah in 1756, being released later.

He was Chief of the Chittagong Council of the East India Company from 1761-1765, and in 1763 made first contact with the Chakma Raja as the company extended their control over Bengal. By 1777 the two parties were at war, which lasted for 10 years.

He was Governor of Bengal from 1767-69 and returned to England in 1770 after leaving his position. He was left bankrupt after he was sued in the English courts and he fled the country, dying in Boulogne, France in 1785.

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