Symes, Richard

(born c. 1656 - died 1727)

Local connection
Lived at Blackheath and is buried at St Mary's church, Lewisham.

Richard Symes was a merchant and ship owner, who had property in Bristol and Antigua.

He is first mentioned in local records in 1700, which is in the badly damaged section of the registers and only part of the entry survives. It is a burial and states 'of Mr Richard Symes buried at Lewisham’. It can only be guessed that this is a burial of a servant.

He had three wives, his first, Mary Hawkes, who died in Lewisham 4 November 1701, had a commemorative inscription at St Mary’s church.

Richard’s second wife Charlotte Bridgman’s brother was governor of Barbados. Charlotte died 3 March 1717.

He married his third wife was Elizabeth Ducie (daughter of Lord Molton) at St Luke’s, Charlton.

When he died he was described as a Merchant of Bristol, he lived at Dartmouth Road, Blackheath (17??-1727) and was buried at St Mary’s church, Lewisham, where there was a commemorative inscription to him.

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