Morland, William

(born 1743 - died 1815)

Local connection
Lived locally and signed the Lee Petition of 1814.

William was a banker for Ranson, Morland & Hammersley (1786 - 1796) and when Hammersley left in 1796 and the firm carried on as Morland Ransom & Co, 56 Pall Mall until 1814 when it became Ransom Morland Company. The Company collapsed in 1832.

He was also MP for Taunton, Somerset.

He was a descendant of Mrs Barbara Newland (b.1710 - d. 23 January 1790 Lee aged 79), Lady Dacre's Aunt. His daughter Harriett married Scrope Bernard (b.1758 - d. 1730) on 26 July 1785 took the name Morland in 1811. Scrope was the son of Francis Bernard Governor of Massachusetts, who mishandled affairs lead to the 'Boston Tea Party' and lead to the American War of Independence.

Signed the Lee Petition in 1814.

Morland lived at Lee House (1807 - 1815) but died in his town house in 1815 aged 76 and was buried at Woolwich. His wife Mary Ann died in 1826.

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