Ayscough, Thomas Major

(born ? - died after 1710)

Local connection
Mentioned in local parish registers.

Francis Lee was baptised on 30 April 1710 and was recorded as a 'black boy’ belonging to Major Ascough.

Major Thomas Ayscough was sent to Jamaica with Venables and Penn.

In Jamaica Major Ayscough owned a sugar plantation, and numerous slaves originating from many different places in Africa.

The daughters of Major Ayscough are reported in a London newspaper, as returning to Jamaica on the Mermaid from Deptford on 24th October 1730.

With them were 4 'blacks’ the Major had brought with him from Jamaica, who had recently been christened at St George the Martyr, London.

England had not 'agreed’ with the ladies, another daughter and their mother had died in England. Mrs Grace Ayscough who could possibly be their mother, was buried at St Margaret's, Lee on 7 Feb 1716.

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