Lee, Francis

(born c. 1705 - died after 1710)

Local connection
He was baptised at St Margaret’s, Lee.

Francis was baptised on 30 April 1710 and was recorded as a 'black boy’ belonging to Major Ascough.

It became fashionable for the rich and powerful to have young and 'exotic’ servants dressed in metal collars and ornate Eastern costumes.

By the beginning of the 18th century wealthy plantation owners were beginning to return, especially to London with their fortunes and slaves.

Major Thomas Ayscough had a plantation in Jamaica and owned slaves from many different places in Africa. So Francis might of been one of these slaves.

The daughters of Major Ayscough returned to Jamaica in 1750, taking 4 'blacks’ the major had brought with him from Jamaica. They had recently been christened at St George the Martyr, London, so would not include Francis.

Possibly Francis remained in England. There is a Francis Lee buried at St Margaret’s, Lee on 9 April 1793. He was said to have resided at Lee Green at the time of his burial.

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