Godmond, Christopher

[alive 1804 - after 1841]

Local connection
Lived locally and signed the Lee Petition of 1814.

Christopher was a solicitor in London and a playwright.
He was the son of Isaac Godmond [died 1809], one of the vicars of Ripon Cathedral. He lived in various places, Ripon, London, Lee and Teignmouth, Devon.

On 9 August 1804 he married Mary Collinson, she was the daughter of John Collinson of Gravel Lane, Southwark. They had a daughter Mary who died 13 February 1815.

Christopher Godmond was elected a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries on 30 November 1837 but was declared a defaulter on 19 April 1849.

His published works include:
Memoir of Therrouanne (1836); a historical drama, The Campaign of 1346, Ending with the Battle of Crecy (1836); and a tragedy, Vincenzo, Prince of Mantua (1840).

He was a churchwarden Lee (1813-1814), who lived at Park Place, Charlton (1822) and North Side (The Firs), by 1841 was living in a thatched cottage next to the High Road with his wife Mary.

Signed the Lee Petition in 1814.

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