Foard, Mary

(born c.1769 - died 1846)

Local connection
Lived locally and signed the Lee Petition.

Mary lived at 11 Lee Place and (in 1841) she also lived at Albion Place, Lee.

She possibly married John Newland Foard of Charlton (buried 21 Apr 1808 St Margaret's, Lee) as he is known to have married a Mary Skinner (of Lee) 15 Mar 1767. She was the daughter of George and Martha Skinner.

Mary Foard Signed the Lee Petition in 1814.

John Newland Foard and Mary Skinner had one daughter, who was baptised at St Margaret's, Lee as Mary Ann in 1797. She was Buried at Lee 29 Dec 1879 aged 82.

Mary was buried in a vault at St Margarets, Lee on 7 Nov 1846, aged 77.

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