Edgcumbe de la Villebague, Lydia

(born c. 1757 - died after 1814)

Local connection
Signed the Lee Petition in 1814

Lydia was the illegitimate daughter of Lord Richard Edgcumbe, the second Baron Edgcumbe (1680 – 1761) and Anne Franks or Day (? – 1790). Her parents never married but lived together at Mount Edgcumbe near Plymouth.

Lydia was baptised at St Andrew’s, Holborn, London 19 December 1757, she was the 3rd child of 4 that Richard and Anne had. When Richard wrote his will on the 19th February 1761 all 4 children were still alive.

Richard died in 1761 leaving Anne comfortably off. He made Horace Walpole the children’s trustee and left them legacies when they came of age.

Anne then married Sir Peter Fenoulhet and became Lady Fenoulhet in 1761. Some of Ann’s life story can be found in the Town and Country magazine for November 1770. It also mentions her separation from Peter Fenoulhet and that she moved to Calais, France with her two daughters.

In 1779 Lydia Edgcumbe married Francois Henry Vigoreux de La Ville Bague at St George’s Hanover Square, Westminster, by licence.

Lydia’s connection to Lee is not known at present nor what happened to her after she signed the petition.

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