Dunkin, A.J.

A.J. Dunkin is mentioned in the collections mentioned by Richard Martin they were acquired by Deptford Reference Library in 1941 and 1956.
A04/8 and A04/9.
The former consists of the two volumes of corrected proofs of Dunkin's 'Deptford' (1854), with large numbers of loose papers inserted. They are notes by Dunkin, lettters to him from other antiquaries, newscuttings, and other ephemera. These volumes were purchased in 1941, with a good provenance starting with Dunkin's daughter.

A04/9 is a collection of miscellaneous papers relating to Deptford history assembled by Dunkin and similar to the items inserted in the proofs. They were given to Deptford by Dartford Libraries, where the much larger Dunkin collection relating to that area was retained.

E.H.W. Dunkin was the son of Edwin W. Hadlow Dunkin (1821-1898), the astronomer, who lived from 1871 until his death at 27 Kidbrooke Park Road, Blackheath, but it is not known whether they were related to A.J.Dunkin. We have two letters of E.W.H. Dunkin as A58/2/62-3, but one is social, the other astronomical.

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