Aislabie, Benjamin

(born 1774 - died 1842)

Local connection
He lived at Boone’s Mansion.

Benjamin was born on 4 January 1774 at Newington Green. He was a wine merchant, who had supplied Lord Nelson with wine.

He also had interests in the West Indies and was an avid cricket player, despite his large stature and low scoring. He joined the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 1802 and became its President in 1823.

He was an Overseer for Lee Parish with Mr Sidery in 1814 and took great interest in distributing charities to the poor during the harsh winter of 1814. He allowed the parish to store coal and potatoes to distribute to the poor during the 13-week frost.

He employed a number of the poor in the winter of 1814 and found other ways to elevate their hardship during this time.

He was resident in Lee at the time of the petition and it is likely he had an opportunity to sign it, but he probably felt unable to do so because of his interests in the West Indies.

He died aged 68 on 2 June 1842 at Regent’s Park of an abscess of the throat.

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