Parish records


  • All Saints, Blackheath A97/1 registers and other records, 1859-1994.
  • Church of the Ascension, Blackheath A64/15 register of marriages, 1883-1920.
  • Church of the Transfiguration A85/61 accounts, 1882-1924.


  • St Cyprian’s, Brockley A62/23,
  • registers, accounts, Pcc minutes, parish magazines, photographs A64/14, and other records, 1881-1960. A72/3.
  • St Saviour’s, Brockley Rise A96/11
  • registers, Pcc minutes, parish magazines and other records, 1866-1993.


  • St Andrew’s, Catford A70/7, registers, accounts, pcc minutes, parish magazines and other A96/22, records, 1900-1968 A97/5,8.
  • St Laurence’s, Catford A65/14, registers, accounts, pcc minutes, parish magazines, photographs, A68/17 plans and other records, 1882-1993 A72/3 A97/2.


  • St Paul’s, Deptford Spd burial registers, 1788-1858.


  • St Luke’s, Downham A73/6, registers, accounts, minutes, parish magazines and other records, A73/9 1930-1970.

Grove Park

  • St Augustine’s, Grove Park A79/13, accounts, Pcc minutes, parish magazines and other records, A81/40, 1891-1970 A81/70-1.

Hither Green

  • St Swithun’s, Hither Green A68/19, registers and other records, 1888-1983 A72/5.


  • Christchurch, Lee A78/18, registers, accounts, Pcc minutes, parish magazines and other records, 1851-1962.
  • Holy Trinity, Lee A78/18, registers, accounts, Pcc minutes, parish magazines and other records, 1863-1961.
  • St Margaret’s, Lee A78/18, registers, accounts, minutes, parish magazines, school and charity A90/38, records and other records, 1579-1991, A91/46 see also schools.
  • St Mildred’s, Lee A80/25, registers, maps, deeds, parish magazines and other records, 1875-1971. A83/21.


  • St Mark’s, Lewisham A68/16, registers, accounts, minutes and other records, 1867-1966 A85/7.
  • St Mary’s, Lewisham Sm/1 registers, deeds, plans, correspondence and other records, 1560-1985 (please note there are gaps in our holdings of parish registers).
  • St Stephen’s, Lewisham A62/20, registers, accounts, parish magazines and other records A66/10, 1865-1973 A85/5, 6.
  • Lewisham Rural Deanery A62/4 correspondence and other records, 1871-1959.


  • St John The Baptist, Southend A69/3, registers, accounts, pcc minutes and other records, 1881-1966.


  • Holy Trinity, Sydenham A71/30, registers, preachers' books and correspondence, 1861-1933 A84/13.
  • St Bartholomew’s, Sydenham A71/30, registers, accounts, pcc minutes, parish magazines, photographs A87/13, and other records, 1813-1977 A89/98.
  • St Matthew’s, Sydenham A71/30, registers and other records, 1878-1938.
  • St Philip’s, Sydenham A64/12, registers, accounts, deeds, parish magazines and other records, A71/30 1863-1960.

Other religious bodies
Registers of non-Anglican religious bodies at the Local studies centre:

Methodist churches

  • Brockley Wesleyan Church Baptisms 1870-1956
  • Catford Wesleyan Church Baptisms 1883-1957
  • Deptford High Street Wesleyan Church Baptisms 1865-1899
  • Deptford Wesleyan Central Hall Baptisms 1898-1964
  • Downham Wesleyan Mission Marriages 1932-1975
  • East Dulwich Primitive Methodist Baptisms 1903-1944
  • East Greenwich (Victoria Hall) Baptisms 1911-1969
  • Wesleyan Mission
  • Greenwich, London Street Wesleyan Baptisms 1865-1965
  • Chapel (West Greenwich Central Hall)
  • Lewisham Wesleyan Church Baptisms 1839-1899
  • New Cross Wesleyan Church Marriages 1873-1895
  • Congregational/United Reformed Church
  • Brockley Congregational Church Baptisms 1855-1910 (gaps)
  • Marriages 1855-1935 (gaps) Microfilm to 1900
  • Deptford High Street (Butt Lane) Baptisms 1785-1969; Marriages 1875, Church 1913-1923, Burials 1785-1936 (gaps)
  • Microfilm to 1900.

Registers of non-conformist churches held elsewhere
Registers to 1858 can be consulted at the Family records centre.

Registers of Roman Catholic churches at the Local studies centre:

  • Church of the Holy Family, marriages 1977-1986

Monumental Inscription Surveys

  • Baring Road, Grove Park: monumental inscriptions; records of the inscriptions on tombstones.
  • Deptford monuments and gravestones in the churches and chapels of Deptford, by F Ashford, 1865. Illustrations and index.
  • Memorial inscriptions of Deptford churches and chapels by PATG, 1992. Includes transcript of Ashford.
  • Monumental inscriptions for the church of St Nicholas, Deptford, recorded by the Woolwich and District Family History Society, n.d.
  • St Margaret, Lee monumental inscriptions in the old churchyard, by E. and J. Birchenough, 1967. Index.
  • Surviving monumental inscriptions in the new churchyard, by Parkes, Spence and Baker, 1959. With biographical and other notes.
  • St Mary, Lewisham, monumental inscriptions in the church and churchyard of St Mary, Lewisham, by H C Kirby and L L Duncan, 1889.
  • The churchyard…a survey. (Names only, but with plan), by Ken White, 1992.
  • Brockley, Lee and Ladywell Cemeteries various volumes by Ken White.
  • St Bartholomew, Sydenham Inscriptions in St Bartholomew’s churchyard, by D. Pullen, 1974.
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