Office buildings

Hamilton House
Convoys Wharf
Princes Street
Grade II
This is a purpose-built naval office building dating from c.1700 and central to the functioning of Deptford's Royal Naval Dockyard in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was used by the Master Shipwright and his assistants: Master Attendant, Clerk of Survey, Timber Masters and Foremen. The attic was added in 1805 and was probably used as a drawing office. The slightly later adjacent building was built as the Master Shipwright's apartment.

Molesworth Street
Lewisham SE6
Designed by Frederic Gibberd & Partners, 1981, this building is used by Citibank. Freed from the constraints of neighbouring tall buildings, this modern office block has a stepped or terraced appearance, which sits comfortably next to the River Ravensbourne and Riverdale Mill c.1830.

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