Mountsfield Park, Hither Green

Mountsfield Park was built on the site of the former gardens of Mountsfield House, opened in August 1905 and has grown through several acquisitions since then. The location of the original park included the substantial residence called Mountsfield, the home of noted entomologist Henry Tibbats Stainton. The house was demolished but remnants of the garden remain. Additional acres were bought from the School Board for London and six allotments from Trinity College. When Charlton Athletic F.C. gave up the football ground at the bottom of the hill in 1923 the park had grown to 28 acres.

Bombing damage to a terrace of houses along the south side of George Lane saw this also added to the park. The final addition came in 1994 when a large majority of the Catford Boys School playing field was added.

Other nearby parks include Manor House Gardens and Manor Park to the east.

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A/03/44/1/226 London County Council – Opening of Mountsfield Park, Hither Green … on Monday 7 August 1905 (MC 8083) 1905 1 Item
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