Maroon plaques

The Lewisham maroon plaques scheme celebrates the remarkable endeavours and achievements of some if its former residents.

The maroon plaques scheme commemorates people who:

have genuinely contributed to human welfare or happiness and deserve recognition for it
are notable in their field
are reasonably well known
have lived in, or have very strong links with the borough
are no longer living, and sufficient time has elapsed since their life to show their lasting contribution to society.
Sometimes a building may be commemorated for its own significance, or for an event.

There are over 20 maroon plaques in Lewisham, commemorating people such as Edith Nesbit, who wrote The Railway Children, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, one of the leading theologians of the twentieth century and Margaret and Rachel McMillan, social reformers and educational theorists who had a tremendous influence on the development of nursery education.

You can suggest future recipients by filling in the nomination form and telling us why you think someone should have a maroon plaque.

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