Maroon plaque nominations

Help us commemorate Lewisham's past by nominating someone for a maroon plaque.

Who qualifies?
The maroon plaques scheme commemorates people who:

  • have genuinely contributed to human welfare or happiness and deserve recognition for it
  • are notable in their field
  • are reasonably well known
  • have lived in, or have very strong links with the borough
  • are no longer living, and sufficient time has elapsed since their life to show their lasting contribution to society.
  • Sometimes a building may be commemorated for its own significance, or for an event

How do I propose someone for a plaque?
Complete our nomination form and tell us why you think someone should be commemorated with a maroon plaque. All nominations will be considered for inclusion. Lewisham aims to erect 2 plaques a year and we will keep all nominations for consideration each year.

Maroon plaques guidance notes

[[ file MaroonPlaqueApplicationForm.pdf | Maroon plaque nomination form ]]

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