London Borough of Lewisham Member of Parliament

The borough includes the constituencies of Lewisham, Deptford, Lewisham West and Lewisham East

These are the MPs who have represented constituencies covered by the borough since its formation in 1964. Note that constituencies change their boundaries over time, even where names remain the same.

MP Party Represented Dates
Christopher Chataway Conservative Lewisham North 1964-66
James Dickens Labour Lewisham West 1966-70
Jim Dowd Labour Lewisham West 1992-present
John Selwyn Gummer Conservative Lewisham West 1970-74(Feb)
Carol Johnson Labour Lewisham South 1964-74(Feb)
Patrick McNair-Wilson Conservative Lewisham West 1964-66
John Maples Conservative Lewisham West 1983-92
Roland Moyle Labour Lewisham North Lewisham East 1966-74(Feb) 1974(Feb)-79
Colin Moynihan Conservative Lewisham East 1983-92
Bridget Prentice Labour Lewisham East 1992-present
Christopher Price Labour Lewisham West 1974(Feb)-79
Joan Ruddock Labour Lewisham, Deptford 1987-present
John Silkin Labour Deptford Lewisham, Deptford 1964-74(Feb)1974(Feb)-87
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