Local Crimes

Includes scene setting and Law and Order in Deptford and Lewisham

1593 Mysterious Death of Christopher Marlowe [at Deptford]. *
1755 Deptford Consipiracy - [Thomas Blee, Peter Kelly, John Berry, John Ellis, James Salmon, James Egan, Stephen McDaniel] [29 July]. *
1757 Deptford Jacobite Conspiracy. [William Dunster, Richard Whittick, Alex McGraw & McQuill] *
1776 Death of a Customs Officer[John Pierson]. [Robert Harley Thomas Henman & Edward George] *
1800 Blackheath Swindler. [Miss Eliza Robertson] *
1822 Murder in Lewisham. [James Smith][Coleman & Webster]*
1839 Death of William Aldridge, a Policeman. [George Stevens][George Calvert, John Pine & Burke]*
1846 Death to the Police. [James Hastie][Cornelius McCarthy, Sulivan, O'Keefe, Michael Collins & William Cressy] *
1861 Failed Suicide bid. [George Inkpen] *
1868 Death in Deptford. [Patrick Desmond][Jeremiah Toomey]*
1888 Was Montague John Druitt Jack the Ripper? *
1888-9 Deptford Poisonings. [Elizabeth Frost, William Sutton, Sydney Bolton and 19 others][Mrs Winters & Mrs Frost]*
1897 Muder in Deptford.[Mary Ann & Ann Evenden] [Edward Callaghan]*
1902 An Appalling Family Murder in Deptford. [Helena Cavilla, wife & 4 children][Frank Cavilla]*
1905 The Finger Print which caught the killer. [Thomas & Anne Farrow] [Alfred & Albert Stratton]*
1908 The Crooked Councillor: Theophilus Williams. *
1908 Under the Floor Boards. [Bertha Hume][George Hume]*
1919 The Lewisham Murder. [Mrs Bacon][John George [later Prickett]]*
1926 A Soldier's Crime. [Ethel Hall[Mrs Hartley]] [William George Udall] *
1931 The Solution to the Murder of Louisa Steele. *
1934 Who killed Robert Venner? *
1938 The Pastimes of William Brown. *

*From Jonathan Oates Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Lewisham & Deptford

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