Libraries of Lewisham
1890 Free Libraries Act adopted by Lewisham Vestry after the ratepayers voted narrowly in favour in a referendum in June. Library Commissioners appointed, 8th October.
1891 Perry Hill Library opened, 27th July.
1892 Plans for a central library in Lewisham abandoned as too expensive.
1901 Forest Hill Library opened 6th July.
1901 Lewisham Library opened 23rd November.
1902 Manor House Library, Lee, opened, 29th November.
1904 Public Libraries Act adopted by Deptford, 26th April.
1905 Sydenham Library, first Carnegie library in Lewisham, opened 24th September.
1904 First library in Deptford opened at 221 New Cross Road, 27th October.
1907 Hither Green (now Torridon Road) Library opened, 30th November.
1911 New Cross (Carnegie, first purpose built in Deptford) opened 24th July.
1914 Deptford Central (Carnegie), Lewisham Way opened, 18th July.
1931 Old Town, Clyde Street, opened 18th July, jointly with Greenwich.
1949 Mobile Library Service started by Lewisham, 8th April.
1949 Bellingham Library opened, December.
1953 Grove Park Library opened.
1959 Blackheath Village Library, Tranquil Passage, opened.
1960 Archives & Local History Department opened at Manor House, Lee.
1963 Bromley Road Library opened, 9th February.
1963 Stanstead Road Library opened, 21st December.
1969 Lewisham Hospital Library opened.
1972 Pepys and St Catherine’s libraries opened in Deptford and New Cross.
1988 Old Blackheath Village Library closed & new opened, 11th April.
1991 Wavelength Library opened, July, to replace Deptford Library.
1994 New Lewisham Library opened, October.
2003 Downham Library closes, closed 24 January. Replacement building due c. 2007
2007 Downham Library and Leisure Centre opened, 12th March
2007 Forest Hill Library closed for refurbishment 11th May - 11th December 2007.
2007 Manor House Library closed for refurbishment 8th December
2008 Wavelengths Library Closes, 5th May to be redeveloped as a sports centre..
2009 Forest Hill Library reopened after refurbishment,
2009 Manor House Library reopened 5th May by Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham.
2010 Crofton Park, Grove Park and Sydenham Libraries became Community Libraries on 31st May run in partnership with Eco Computer Systems.
2010 Blackheath Village Library became a Community Library on 6th June located in the Reminiscence Centre and run in partnership with Age Exchange.
2010 New Cross Library became a Community Library on 13th August run in partnership with Bold Vision and renamed New Cross People’s Library (later New Cross Learning).
2010 Torridon Road Library closed for refurbishment reopening in October
2012 Deptford Lounge Library opened on 4th January to replace Wavelengths Library and was officially opened by Mayor Sir Steve Bullock in February.
2014 Pepys Community Library opened.
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