Lewisham Remembers

This is a project started by the generous donation of Paul Dyer, a regional volunteer with the UK National Inventory of War Memorials. The aim of the project is to record all the war memorials in the UK. He donated a large amount of paper and electronic research on the war memorials in the London Borough of Lewisham area.

Ann O’Brien, one of the volunteers at the Local History and Archives Centre, has worked through this material and is in the process of creating a document containing all the information we have collected so far. It is planned to produce this as a final hardcopy, which will be held at the Local History and Archives Centre, Lewisham and an online Wiki, which will allow members of the puclic to add further information on the memorials and those remembered on them.

So far we have where possible a photograph of each memorial with a transcript of the contents, a list of the names, details of the location, when/why it was erected and by whom.

The next stage will be collaborative and will involve Lewisham (past and present) residents in exploring this record and creating a living archive. To do this we have created a war memorial wiki with details of all the memorials we have so far. We are asking people to contribute any information - memories, biographical details, mementoes, photos, documents, etc. - about the people named in the war memorials. The aim is for relatives, friends, etc to be able to flesh out the memorials with details that bring those listed to life.

The wiki will enhance remembrance of those commemorated, but also create a resource for local people and schools to use in researching Lewisham and its history. Anything contributed will be added to the Borough archives for future generations. Please check out the Lewisham war memorials wiki and help us by contributing your knowledge of the memorials and the people commemorated on them.

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