Lewisham Clocktower

From Research by the late Ken White.

The clock tower was commissioned to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. It was completed and inaugurated 17 February 1900. The Clock was engraved by ‘J W Benson of Ludgate Hill, London Clockmaker to the Queen and Prince of Wales 1899’. It was converted to electric winding a number of years before 1995, by Osborne. To improve the road system it was dismantled in 1995 for re-erection about 30 feet to the South West. The clock was donated to the Museum of Science and Industry. The second clock tower was erected by the end of 1995 in the pedestrian part of the High Street, Lewisham. It was fitted with a new movement. When first activated the different faces could differ by up to 5 minutes.

There is an article in the Lewisham Local History Journal Number 3 for 1995.

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