Leisure related buildings

Five Bells Public House
New Cross Road
New Cross Gate
Grade II
This is a large public house in a heavy classical style, built c.1840. It features a large bracketed eaves-cornice with windows alternating with five bells in the frieze.

Lewisham Theatre
Catford Road
Grade II
Built in 1931-32 by Arthur John Hope of Bradshaw, Gass and Hope. The building included offices and was originally intended for dancing and wrestling, as well as concerts and minor theatricals. The curved portland stone building is in the art deco style and the original theatre interior survives, complete with Compton organ.

Former Capitol Cinema
London Road
Forest Hill
Grade II
This art deco Egyptian-style cinema was built in 1928-9 by J Stanley Beard, a distinguished cinema architect and garden designer. The cinema was originally designed for silent movies so sound equipment had to be installed behind the screen in 1929. It was designed to seat 1700 and originally had a Compton organ. It is one of only a few complete 1920s cinemas that survive today.

Lewisham Hippodrome

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