• International Genealogical Index, England and Wales (1988 edition): This covers many hundreds of baptism registers and other records to 1900. Microfiche – appointment necessary. A search is also available on Family Search.
  • Name index to 1851 census, Lewisham and Deptford Districts, covering whole borough, published by North West Kent Family History Society.
  • Index to 1881 census by surname and place, for the whole of England, Wales and Scotland. CD-Rom – appointment necessary.
  • Index to 1891 census for Deptford, surnames only, compiled by Woolwich Family History Society (email: ku.oc.ilacsit|shfw#ku.oc.ilacsit|shfw). Street indexes to all censuses.
  • Index to personal names, street and house names for Blackheath, 1691–1940, compiled by Neil Rhind.
  • Index to inhabitants of and documents concerned with Deptford in 1745, compiled by Freda Neale.
  • Indexes to monumental inscriptions for: the churches and chapels of Deptford; St Margaret's old and new churchyards, Lee; St Mary, Lewisham; St Bartholomew, Sydenham.
  • Indexes to various records and printed sources, particularly for Lewisham and Lee, mainly 18th and early-19th centuries (Ken White series).
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