Education in Downham

The New Schools erected on Downham Estate

7 Elementary (or Primary) Schoolsfor 5,816 pupils (now 8 managed by Lewisham Borough and 1 Bromley):
Downham Elementary School No 1, now Rangefield Road School
Downham Elementary School No 2 (School North of tramway), now Downderry Road School.
Downham Elementary School No 3 later Churchdown School
Downham Elementary School No 4 later [Durham Hill School and [|Churchdown School ]], now — Bonus Pastor School (comprehensive school) Roman Catholic school
Downham Elementary School No 5 later Launcelot Road School
Downham Elementary School No 6 later Pendragon School Became a special needs school by the late 1950s.
Downham Elementary School No 7 later Ballamore Primary School (now Merlin Primary School)
Moorside Road School (Roman Catholic School) later
The Good Shepherd School
1 Built by the L.C.C. but provided by the Bromley Corporation.Burnt Ash School, Part of the London Borough of Bromley, but on the Downham Estate
Senior Schools (Apart from the Grammar school and Technical college pupils no children had to leave the estate for their education.)
1 Central school for 800 students Downham Central School
Goudhurst Road
1 Open Air school for 130 demolished Open Air School, Shroffold Road - recently rebuilt for Special Needs - New Woodlands School
Later early years schools added to the Estate were:
Whitefoot Lane Primary School opened later in 1952 now Forster Park School
Downham Nursery School
1 Reserve site — (possibly Malory School erected on this area -8/9/1958).
Times for Elementary Schools
The School Bell, situated like a small dome on the roof of each school was rung each morning and afternoon 10 minutes prior to the official commencement of education.
Infants; Boys and Girls mixed age 5 years to 7 years
9am to midday home for dinner; 2pm to 4pm
Juniors 7 years to 11 years
9am to midday home for dinner, then 2pm to 4.30pm
Seniors 11 years to 14 years as above for times.

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