Evans Cook Cup

For Best Medium Sized Garden in Deptford. It was awarded from 1949 to 1994.


B = base, C = cup

B 1949 J Holman C 1972 C W Field
B 1950 J Holman C 1973 J A Goff
B 1951 J T Holman C 1974 Mr A Keen
B 1952 A Eveleigh C 1975 M C Still
B 1953 C Field C 1976 Mrs W F Peace
B 1954 V Ormerod C 1977 Mrs W F Peace
B 1955 V Ormerod C 1978 Mrs W E Peace
B 1956 C Field C 1979 Mrs Peace
B 1957 C Field C 1980 Mrs W E Peace
B 1958 C Field C 1981 Mr Daly
B 1959 H Cook C 1982 Mr H Ockmore
C 1960 W G Etherington C 1983 Mr H Ockmore
C 1961 K W Lloyd C 1984 Mr R Daly
C 1962 K W Lloyd C 1985 Mrs W Peace
C 1963 K W Lloyd C 1986 Mrs W Peace
C 1964 H J Vincent C 1987 Mr J Harper
C 1965 H J Vincent C 1988 Mrs Castle
C 1966 H J Vincent C 1989 Mrs Castle
C 1967 A Nightingale C 1990 Mr P Ridout
C 1968 A E Nightingale C 1991 Mr P Ridout
C 1969 D Lloyd C 1992 Mr P Ridout
C 1970 A E Nightingale C 1993 Mr P Ridout
C 1971 K Lloyd C 1994 Mrs D E Snipp

Deptford Gardeners' Guild

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