Doughty Cup

For Dahlias awarded from 1970 to 1994.


1970 E G Parr
1971 F G Darlow
1972 E G Parr
1973 E G Parr
1974 Mr E Parr
1975 Mr W C Huth
1976 Mrs N I Smith
1980 Mr R Randall
1981 Mr R Randall
1983 Mr R Randall
1984 Mr R Randall
1985 Mr J MacIlroy
1986 Mr R Randall
1987 Mr J MacIlroy
1988 Mrs C A Nimmo
1989 Mr R Randall
1990 Mrs S Parsons
1991 Mr J C MacIlroy
1992 Mr J C MacIlroy
1994 Mrs S Parsons

Deptford Gardeners' Guild

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