Corbett Estate

Much of the Victorian terraced housing dates from the late 19th century when social reformer and Scottish MP Archibald Cameron Corbett, 1st Baron Rowallan bought 278 Acres of land south of Hither Green. He then began in 1896 built numerous houses [1897-1913 approximately 3062] on land he purchased from North Park Farm, in Catford and Hither Green, this was officially the St Germans Estate, but become known as the Corbett Estate.

He persuaded the railway company [by loaning £3,400] to build a new entrance and booking hall on the east side [Springbank Road] of Hither Green Station, for the benefit of his residents, and negotiated reduced-rate season tickets for them. Many of the road names are of Scottish origin, as Corbett was a Scot. Due to his Quaker origins, the area was devoid of a public house and remains so. He gave the land for St Andrew's Church, dedicated to Scotland's patron saint.

By 1910 there were 6 churches, 4 school, 6 shopping parades, a railway station and a library on the Corbett Estate. Due to Cameron Corbett's religious beliefs there are no pubs on the Corbett Estate.

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