Catford Bus Garage

Catford - TL. 180 Bromley Road, London, SE6 2XA

Originally opened in 1914 by the LGOC, it was requisitioned for the First World War andreopened in 1920 under control of Thomas Tilling’s company, whose Lewisham operation moved there, hence the garage code TL. The garage was doubled in size in 1923 and had the roof raised in 1930 and 1948 to accommodate double deck buses of increasing size. The garage was modernised further in 1970.

In April 2013 the garage has 23 double deck Alexander Tridents, 26 ADL Enviro 400, 34 Dennis Dart SLF. 4 Optare Tempo Hybrids and 33 ADL Enviro 200s working on routes 47, 124, 136, 178, 199, 273, 354, 380, 621, N136, P4, N47 and N136

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