After the mid 1850s Civic Cemeteries began opening and burial within a churchyard became less common as these filled up. We do not hold the records of the Civic Cemeteries they are held by the Cemeteries Department themselves. For this contact Hither Green Crematorium, Verdant Lane, London SE6 1TP, Bookings: 020 8314 9630, Memorials: 020 8314 9631, General enquiries: 020 8314 3210
Fax: 020 3697 3260, Email: ku.vog.mahsiwel|tnemevaereb#ku.vog.mahsiwel|tnemevaereb, Where staff will be able to help you. There is no public access to these records and any searches are undertaken by staff for a fee. [was £33 for 3 names 2011].

Note in St Paul's Deptford Burial RegisterSt-Pauls-Deptford-Burial-dates.tif

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