Books and pamphlets

A selection of books on the history of the borough

  • Looking Back at Lewisham, a short history of the London Borough of Lewisham. Lewisham Arts and Library Service, 1992
  • Turning the Tide, the history of everyday Deptford, by Jess Steele. Deptford Forum Publishing, 1993
  • History of Lee and its neighbourhood, by Francis H Hart. Original 1882: reprinted by Conway Maritime Press, 1971
  • History of the Borough of Lewisham, with supplement: Odds and Ends of Lewisham History, by Leland L Duncan. Original 1908; reprinted by Lewisham Borough Council, 1963
  • Lewisham History and Guide, by John Coulter. Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd. 1994
  • The Heath (History of Blackheath), by Neil Rhind. Bookshop Blackheath Ltd. 1987
  • Hither Green, The Forgotten Hamlet, by Godfrey Smith, published by the author, 1997
  • Sydenham and Forest Hill Past, by John Coulter. Historical Publications Ltd. 1999
  • Grove Park: The History of a Community, by John King. Grove Park Community Group, 1982
  • Kings and Commuters: The Story of Horn Park, by Dave Kincaid. Published by the author, 2000.
  • The centre aims to collect all books relating to the borough’s history and present state, including histories of local organisations and biographies and reminiscences of local people. The collection covers Lee, Lewisham and the whole of Deptford and Blackheath (including the parts now in the London Borough of Greenwich). Works on the history of London and Kent are also collected where relevant.

Basic histories of neighbouring areas
Books which will help with the study of local and family history are also collected, such as histories of hospitals, the Poor Law, or the Second World War as it affected civilians; also books on how to undertake local or family history.

A large proportion of the books are on open access. All the books are on Lewisham libraries' computer catalogue.

There are extensive collections of the works of Henry Williamson and Edgar Wallace, and some other works of local authors; however, works of local authors are not now collected except for fiction with a local setting (e.g. David Lodge writing about Brickley (Brockley), but not about Rummidge).

The pamphlet collection consists mainly of ephemera and publications produced by local organisations, including Lewisham Council and its predecessors. All pamphlets are on closed access.

Local periodicals of all kinds are collected. The collection of parish magazines is particularly extensive. Periodicals relating to local and family history in general are also held. There is a complete run of Archaeologia Cantiana from 1858.

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