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Archives Catalogue

This catalogue was created by the Local History and Archives Centre [LHAC] staff and is a catalogue of the Archives material held at the LHAC. It is an incomplete list of the catalogue, which is being added to constantly, as new material is created, so please check back for new additions.

Please note this list is of archival material, and access to this material is different from Local History Library material, because the items are unique and need to be preserved. If you require access to this material please contact the LHAC and arrange an appointment, quoting the reference numbers of the items you require and we will check the material and arrange an appointment for you to access the material.

Unfit for Production
If an item is marked `Unfit for Production’ this means it is fragile or damaged and it cannot be produced. Please contact LHAC and see how we can help you. LHAC staff may be able to extract any information, or a copy may exist. If the material is very badly damaged and no copy exists access may not be possible.

Restricted access
Some collections are marked `restricted access; contact the LHAC’. These are collections that are not fully listed. We will try and provide access, but extra security measures will apply and they may require time to prepare, but you will advise you as to time this will take. These listed items are to help you find useful information and are prioritised for full cataloguing by LHAC staff.
These items cannot be produced without prior notice, contact the LHAC.

Closed Material
Some records in the catalogue are closed to public access for a defined period because they include confidential or sensitive personal data. In these instances, the LHAC has given an explicit assurance to the depositor that they will be closed for a specified period to public access. Closed records are identified in the ‘Access’ field, and when it will be open is given in the catalogue entry. Requests for information which may be in a closed record under Government Acts of the time. Contact LHAC if you have any queries and staff will try and help.

Please Note:
For Access to Archival material contact the LHAC BEFORE visiting.
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