A/99/4/1 Lee Petition

The Lee Petition was part of A/99/4, a collection purchased from Mr J.L.M. Gulley in 1999. A copy of the Lee petition of 1814 survives with the signatures of 40 residents of Lee. This document is interesting because the people who signed came from vastly different backgrounds.

On the petition are the signatures of everyone from the Rector George Lock, Sir Hugh Palliser and Lady Palliser, Lydia, daughter of Lord Edgcumbe, to the local baker, inn keeper, builder, gardener, bricklayer and hairdresser.

Also J.R. Williams a fellow member of the Friends of the Abolition of the Slave Trade with William Wilberforce.

See Lee Petition for full details

A/99/4/1 Lee Petition 1814 Transcript & Images

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