A/92/2 Allder family of Catford

This collection contains the business and family papers of the Allder family of Catford. They started their drapery business in 1877.

The business was named after the head of the family at that time, J(oshua) T(homas) Allder. The original premises were at 100 to 104 Rushey Green, Catford.

From the late 1920s to around the 1960s the business was known as E.J. Allder after Joshua’s eldest son, Edwin John.

The collection also contains papers relating to the Robinson family, whom married into the Allder family.
A brief family history can be found below:

Joshua Thomas Allder (born around 1851, died 1908) was the eldest son of John Allder (born around 1828, died 1874), tailor, and Sarah Anne Duffin (born around 1821, died 1901).

Joshua Thomas Allder married Amelia (also known as Molly) Seal (born around 1856). They had six children: Edwin John (born 1879, died 1956), Arthur Cecil (born 1881), Ethel Muriel (born 1883), Hettie Mabel (born 1886), Alice Gwenneth (born 1896), and Evelyn (born Cira 1900).

Edwin John Allder married Mabel Irene (also known as Irene Mabel) Robinson (born around 1880, died 1957). They had three children: Douglas John Allder (birth date unknown), Doris Ruth Allder (born 1904, died around 1957) and Ronald Clement (born 1907).

Douglas John Allder married Dorothy Ruth Merrell (birth date unknown). They had a daughter, Gillian Ann (born 1943).

Ronald Clement Allder married Mabel Beatrice Davidge (birth date unknown).

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